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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does People Community Sports exist?

We exist because we see the need for children to be more active but not having the opportunities to do so.

What are the age groups for the league?

We split our divisions into SK-Grade 1, Grade 2-3, and Grade 4-5. 

Can I choose what time my child plays at?

We are a sports league with three divisions split into twelve teams. Each team will play at the same time each week according to the schedule.

Do you try to make the teams fair?

We do our very best to make the teams as even as possible. This is based on their age and how parents rank their child's skill level

How Can I  Support The League?

How does the league run for free?

Peoples Community Sports is able to sponsor 1,300 children every year because of the generosity of our donors and community partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, email us at

Is the league really free?

Free registrations, Free team uniforms, free games!

Where does your league play?

The league takes place at Peoples Church Hamilton with the exception of the outdoor soccer league season (location TBA).

How can I get involved?

Peoples Community Sports is only possible because of our amazing volunteers. To find out how you can get involved click HERE!!

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