Just 1 hour.

You pick the day and the time.

What is a Guest Coach?

Your Role During a 1-hour game:




Gather children together for a 3-4 minute lesson. Then for 10-15 minutes run drills that apply the lesson.

Float around the sidelines to give children advice and encouragement.


Give children 5 minutes to show up before you start your lesson.

Show up 5-10 minutes before the start of the game to get ready.

Additional Instructions:

  1. During your lesson and drills the regular coaches are there to help you. Their job is to get the children to listen to you and follow your instructions.

  2. Keep your lesson to 3-4 minutes. No longer.

  3. Make lesson and drills appropriate to the age group. See below.

  4. Try to involve every child as much as possible in drills. Minimize waiting in lines, maximize ball touches.

  5. Talk with league director about what skill to teach.

What to expect from age groups:

Co-ed Ages 5-6

  1. The majority have never played before.

  2. They don't know most of the rules.

  3. They need very simple lessons and drills.

  4. Any concept you teach will be brand new.

  5. For Basketball: lots of double-dribbling and traveling.

  6. For Soccer: hardly any ball control or teamwork.

​Co-Ed Ages 7-8

  1. 50% have played before, 50% haven't.

  2. Even the ones who have played before only have very basic skills.

  3. They haven't gotten any actual sport teaching before.

  4. Similar to 5-6s but slightly faster and more coordinated. 

​Boys Ages 9-11

  1. 80% have played before, 20% haven't.

  2. A broad range of skill. Some very weak, some very strong.

  3. The majority have never had actual sport teaching before.

  4. They should learn some basics and some slightly advanced skills.

​Girls Ages 9-11

  1. Many have played before but their skill is still weak.

  2. Similar to the 7-8 group.

  3. Still need to be taught the basics.

  4. For Basketball: Many still double-dribble and travel but should be challenged not to.

  5. For soccer: Only basic ball control, not much teamwork. 

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