At Peoples Community Sports we not only care about the players, we care about the parents and siblings too!

The general responsibility of a Peoples Church Host is to make sure the parents and siblings of players feel welcomed and cared for. But the specifics of how you do that is mostly up to you! 

  • You can come in once for one hour and never come back!

  • You can come back each week at the same hour to get to know the parents who come at that time.

  • You can stay for many hours at a time.

  • You can rotate turns with people in your Life Group.

  • Whatever is best for you!

  • You can stand at the coffee desk to serve coffee.

  • You can sit in the viewing area to just socialize with the parents watching the game.

  • You can bring low-energy activities for the children who came to watch siblings play.

  • You can focus your time on the parents of one team to get to know them on a deeper level.

  • Be creative! Be caring!

Contact Daniel Best if interested.