Why does People Community Sports exsist?

We beleive in providing 

for our community. We exist because we see the need for Children to be more active and families not having the means to provide it. 

What are the age Groups for the league?

We use "Grades" to divide the leagues into groups. We have a Jk/Sk/Grade 1 division which are ages 4-6. We have a Grade 2/3 division, which are ages 7-8. We have a Grade 4/5/6 division, which are ages 9-11.

Can I choose what time my child plays at?

No. We are a fully funtioning sports league with four divisions and sixteen teams split between those four divisions. We do our very best to make sure each division has a consistant time and day for your convience.

Do you try to make the teams fair?

Yes. We do our very best to make the teams as even as possible. Parents rank their child's skill on their registration forms and make teams

even based on these rankings. We also put into consideration the age of each player.

Where do I go to Donate?

Are you in financial need?

Yes! We basically sponser 1300 children every year to play in a sports league that we run. We are incredibly thankful for places like Trillium, Jumpstart, and others who have generously supported us over the years. However, the challenge with grants is that they come and go. 

Is there a "catch" for your league being free?

There is no catch what so ever! We do ask that parents provide the snack through out the season, but that's it! Free registrations, Free team uniforms, free game times.

Where does your league play?

Peoples Church Hamilton, on Mohawk Road. The Church has a gym that they graciously allow us to use every Saturday.

(Summer Soccer is at a different location)

This seems to good to be true...

When I first found out about Peoples Community Sports, I thought so too! However, because of our amazing volunteers, parents and organizations that sponsor/partner this league, it is a real functioning league.

General Game Times/Location


Fall Basketball, Winter Indoor Soccer and Spring Basketball


Location: Peoples Church, 510 Mohawk Rd W.

Hamilton, ON L9C 1X4


Summer Soccer



Location: Chedoke Elementary School

 500 Bendamere Avenue,

Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 1R3