Curious About Coaching?

Hear from some coaches themselves:

Main Responsibilities: 


  • Send children on and off the court/field at the end of shifts

  • Keep children safe and organized

Coach Expectations 


  1. Come to eight 1-hour games (15 minute warm-up, 45 minute game)

    • Supervise  and encourage approximately 15 kids on your team during games

  2. Show up 5 minutes early before each game and supervise 10-minute snack time after games

  3. Sport knowledge is not needed, but coaches must help organize a basic activity to get the children warmed up before games. 

  4. Watch both instructional videos for PCS coaches below.

  5. Find a parent/guardian or somebody else to replace you if you cannot make a game. Contact league director only as a last resort.

  6. MANDATORY: submit a current Vulnerable Sector Check. If you need one let us know ( It can be easily done through our online system for $25. If the cost is too much, we'd happily help you pay.


Coach Instructions